Frequently Asked Questions

KindRun Massachusetts LLC is a Social Equity, Veteran-owned and female-led business offering residential cannabis delivery in Massachusetts. Ordering from KindRun is a true e-commerce experience: our clients browse and order products, schedule delivery and pay online. Receiving an order at home requires just a quick ID check and signature. KindRun is a Delivery Operator Marijuana Establishment licensed by the Cannabis Control Commission. We offer secure, compliant, digital “pay now” or “pay later” payment options from KindTap, which means KindRun is a 100% cashless operation. We carefully curate our menu to offer a full range of products, featuring diverse and independent brands from the thriving Massachusetts market – and we’re always open to requests!

Our clients are adults age 21+ with valid, government-issued ID and access to KindRun’s e-commerce platform for ID pre-verification. Pre-verified clients who placed an order must be present and show the same ID to receive their order. Multiple clients can order to the same residential address, but each must be present and show ID to receive their individual order. We can only deliver to a client once per day, even if the order is under one ounce.

Visit our e-commerce menu and create a client profile, choose your delivery window and products, pay online and then kick back and relax while we fulfill your order.

The client who placed the order must be present to receive it, and show the same pre-verified ID provided online at the time of order. Clients will receive updates by text when their delivery is arriving. Your KindRun Delivery Service Agent will check your ID, request asignature, and hand off your order. Easy!

Hudson, Marlborough, Maynard, Framingham, Berlin, Clinton, Natick and Newton — so far! Deliveries are available 10 am to 8:30 pm, within a one-hour delivery window. For non-standard zones like Boston and Worcester, email or fill our our contact form to request a custom zone. And for the planners out there, you can schedule delivery up to 30 days in advance.

Per state law, KindRun can deliver to residential addresses in permitted municipalities. We cannot deliver to businesses, including hotels/commercial lodging, nor federal public units, nor university housing. Per state law, cannabis may be delivered between 8:01 a.m. and 8:59 p.m. To request a custom delivery window, contact us! 

We accept valid, unexpired, government-issued IDs bearing a photograph, expiration date and birth date. Examples include state-issued driver’s license, state-issued identification card and passport. We do not accept expired or temporary IDs, nor learners’ permits.
KindRun offers digital payment options with KindTap. KindTap allows our clients to link a bank account (“pay now”) or apply for a line of credit (“pay later”). Unlike cashless ATMs, there’s no separate transaction, bank or ATM fees for using KindTap.
Zero dollars! KindRun doesn’t charge a delivery fee. The only addition to the retail price of products are state and local taxes (6.25% state sales tax, 10.75% state excise tax and 3% local tax to the Town of Hudson).
Minimum order size is $75 to $100, depending on the delivery zone.
If a product delivered by KindRun is damaged or in otherwise unusable condition, please email photos of the package, label and product to If KindRun identifies a quality issue, a store credit will be issued. KindRun does not accept returns. To properly dispose of cannabis products, first remove the product from the package, and dispose/recycle the package. By hand or safely with a tool, grind, cut or chop product into small pieces to render it unrecognizable. Then incorporate the product into at least as much inert material (e.g., dirt, cat litter) to render it unusable, and dispose of all material with general waste in compliance with your local laws.
Per state regulations, KindRun may deliver to adults age 21+ at a residential address, in permitted municipalities, up to one ounce of cannabis (or the equivalent in cannabis products). A client may order only once per calendar day, even if it’s less than an ounce. Multiple clients may order to the same residence, but each must be present with their pre-verified ID to receive their order.

Yes! KindRun delivery is extremely discreet – Agents wear plain clothes and operate unmarked vehicles. We never share client information. Cannabis home delivery is very safe: Per state law, deliveries must occur under body camera surveillance (footage is destroyed after 30 days). Our drivers work in teams of two to safely manage inventory, and carry no cash. Only pre-verified clients who uploaded a valid ID may receive orders. 

Cashless home delivery of cannabis means lower costs and increased safety for our clients and business.

For both safety and compliance reasons, we ask you not to tip your Service Agent. KindRun Agents
don’t carry cash, and the use of Venmo/PayPal/etc. for cannabis-related payments is not legal.
Instead, leave a positive Google review and mention your Agent by name – Agents receive bonuses based on positive mentions.

Visit our contact form and let us know your zip code. You can also email to request a custom delivery window, which we recommend for large, coordinated parties.
Visit our contact form or email, and let us know your zip code and what products you want!
If you disagree with a state rule or want your town to reverse their  ban on cannabis delivery, please find your state rep and let them know.